Pipas in action using the Red shooting "Mahla"

Antonio “Pipas” Forjaz

Pipas Forjaz graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Film&Video in 1995. In the last 15 years he has worked as a producer, cameraman, editor and director of several productions, documentaries, TV ads, short and feature films (including internationally acclaimed productions), music clips,Public Service Announcements, TV series and other TV shows.


I have also directed short films, TV ads, music clips, Public Service Announcements and more


 I have produced over 10 films including feature films, documentaries, music videos, TV shows, commericals and more.

Camera man

The past 15 years I have refined my camera work and shot with Discovery Channel, History Channel and more


Editing is something else I enjoy doing. I have edited everything from short and feature filmes (including internationally acclaimed productions), TV and more.

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