I grew up in Swaziland with my parents José and Moira Forjaz, my father is an architect and my mother a photographer and filmmaker.

In 1975 we moved to Mozambique where I went to school until leaving for Europe in 1986 to further my studies. After A'levels in London I started film school at Columbia College Chicago graduating in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Film&Video.

Pipas Forjaz

When I was young I met Jean Luc Godard, he was in Mozambique giving a course on Film and Television. Even though I was young I knew who he was and I already knew I wanted to make movies.

I was an avid reader of the American Cinematographer magazine, that my mother subscribed to.I remember filming with her Super 8mm camera and taking photographs with her Nikon and Hasselblad cameras, and going to the cinema at every opportunity with my friends, at that time mostly Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns which we would see over and over again.

During my last year of film school just before graduation, when I was 24, I made my first short feature film called "Mississe", a story based on a short story writen by acclaimed Mozambican writer Mia Couto. It was shot on an Arri Super 16mm using Fuji stock, and staring Mozambican actor Mario Mabjaia, the music was produced by Mingo Rangel and one of the tracks was sang by acclaimed Luso-Mozambican singer Mariza. The film was later blown up to 35mm and was shown at several film festival around the world.

Shortly after that, I worked as second Assistant Director on a feature film called "Tempest on Earth" staring Portuguese actress Maria de Madeiros.

Pipas Forjaz

Later I was invited to work for Mozambican Television by João Ribeiro, which I did for 19 months as Director of Planing for the Production Department. Later I was offered the chance to shoot six half hour documentaries for Ebano Multimedia, directed by Orlando Mesquita and Licinio de Azevedo.

In the following years I worked on many documentaries with Licinio. I shot "The Bridge", about the construction of a bridge in the central Manica province, near the Binga mountain which won the Golden Dhow for Best Documentary Video at the Zanzibar International Film Festival in 2002 and also received a Honorable Mention at the at the Serra da Estrela VIII International Festival for Film and Video in 2002, and "Clay Hands" that was shot in Maputo and in the northern Province of Cabo Delgado, about the accalimed Mozambican ceramist Reinata Sadimba. I also was the First Assistant Director for the feature film "Desobedience" directed by Licinio, that won the Silver FIPA at the Biaritz International Film Festival in 2003. I also shot and edited a documentary about Corridor Sands that was directed by Licinio de Azevedo.

Pipas Forjaz

In 2001 I started to work more independently, slowly building up my production studio, with camera and editing equipment, and post production facilities consisting of three edit suites, a sound booth for voice recording and a meeting room.

I have worked on various International productions like Michael Mann's "ALI" staring Will Smith, as the personal Assistant to the Art Director. On "The Interpreter" by Syndey Pollack and staring Nikole Kidman, "Blood Diamond" staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Directed by Edward Zwick, "Catch a Fire" directed by Philip Noyce, "Black Water Transit" directed by Tony Kaye, and on the Unicef Public Service Announcements "Say YES for Children" campaign created by the award-winning ad agency TBWA and Oscar-winning director Hugh Hudson, and with the special partecipation of Nelson Mandela.

In South Africa I worked with acclaimed South African director Laurence Hamburger on 3 short films for Discovery Channel as the Director of Photography having also edited two. I also was B camera on an MTN commercial also directed by Mr.Hamburger.

Pipas in Action

I edited 'MANGROVE- TIDAL ROOTS' (55'). A film on the endangered mangrove ecosystems of Mozambique. This won the prize for the Best Environmental Education film of the festival at CINE ECO 2005, Seia, Portugal, directed by British filmmaker James Ewen.

I have Produced and Directed 2 television series for the Foundation for the Development of the Comunity headed by Mrs.Graça Machel, one called "Check it out", which was six 45 minute episodes, and "Stories of Hope" that was forty five episodes that ran 15 minutes each.

I Directing and Producing 10 documentaries for John Hopkins University, having already completed 7. I copleted a short film with Mozambican Director Mickey Fonseca, on which I was the Director of Photography and Co-Producer and Editor. I shot this on my RED One camera. The film is called "Mahla" and you can watch it now at my company site I Have shot and edited a film for Nwety (24 min)."Traidos pela Traição" which you can also view at my company site MahlaFilmes.comI Have have produced, shot and edited 4 short films for Nwety.

Pipas in Action


  • Attended and Completed REDUCATION in Los Angeles, California, USA 2010
  • Attended and Completed the Apple Authorized Training for Final Cut Pro 101:An Introduction to Final Cut Pro 6 on the 20'th August 2008
  • Attended the Kodak “Video Camera Operators” workshop held in Johannesburg 20 – 24 August 2001, by KODAK and South African Society of Cinematographers
  • Successfully participated in the DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION WORKSHOP held in Windhoek, 14 – 21 October 2000, by UNESCO Film & Video Training Project for Southern Africa. Trainer:Nenad Puhovski and Tony Strasburg. Chief Technical Adviser: Pedro Pimenta
  • Columbia College Chicago, IL. BA in Fine Arts, completed in June 1995 Film & Video Major GPA 3.36/4.0
  • New Woods School, England, 2 A’levels, completed in June 91
  • Algarve International School, Portugal, 5 O’levels from 1985 to 1988
  • Escola da Frelimo-Maputo, From 1977 to 1985


Best Short African Film



Best Short film

at Bujumbura Int. Film Fest

"Dina" won the Best Short Film at the Bujumbura Int. Film Fest. I was a producer, DOP, and editor on this project.

Awards cont.

  • Special Jury Prize, FESPACO 2011, "LOBOLO"Producer, Director of Photography and Editor
  • Desobediencia de Licinio de Azevedo
  • Fipa de Prata (Silver FIPA)
  • Festival International de Biaritz França 2003-02-28
  • Prémio FUNDAC-Kuxakanema”Consagração em Cinema” 22-11-2002
  • 1’st Assistant Director and 2’nd Camera
  • Prémio FUNDAC-Kuxakanema”Consagração em Cinema 2000 Camera man
  • A Ponte de Licinio de Azevedo
  • Golden Dhow-Best Documentary Video- Zanzibar International Film Festival 2002
  • Mensão Honrosa no VIII Festival Internacional de Cinema e Video de Ambiente da Serra da Estrela, Portugal 2002 Camera man
  • Recipient of a Grant from Instituto Portugues da Arte Cinematografica e Audiovisual for completion of motion picture, “Mississe”
  • December 1994- Public Contest

Professional Experience

  • Produced and Directed 10 short (15 minute) documentaries for John Hopkins Univercity
  • Directed, shot and edited TVC for Cerveja 2M, new long neck bottle, for Ogilvy Mozambique
  • Directed, shot and edited TVC for Nwety about Domestic violence for Ogilvy Mozambique
  • Produced and edited TVC for new Laurentina Premium beer for Ogilvy Mozambique (staring Moreira Chonguiça)
  • Directed, shot and edited Music video for Azagaia, "As verdades"
  • Directed, shot and editedMusic video for Azagaia, "Combatentes da Fortuna"
  • Directed, shot and edited TVC for Development in Mozambique for STV Mozambique
  • Directed, shot and edited TVC for Tourism in Mozambique for STV Mozambique
  • Locally Produced "Mitsubishy" TVC
  • Locally Produced music video for Velocity Films South Africa
  • B Camera on TVC for MTN South Africa, Directed by Laurence Hamburger
  • Locally produced for Tony Kaye, "Black Water Transit"
  • Directed and Produced TV Documentary for Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade sobre "Rap nas escolas"
  • Shot and Edited 2 short films for Discovery Channel Directed by Laurence Hamburger
  • Shot 1 short film for Discovery Channel Directed by Laurence Hamburger
  • Location Scout, "Blood Diamond", Edurado Serra, DOP
  • Location Scout "The Interpreter" by Sidney Pollack
  • Shot and edited a Documentary about Celina Cossa for SABC 2, 47 min
  • Shot and edited 18 episodes of Mozambican sitcom “Sorriso” for TVM
  • Produced locally 3 TV commercials for Nandos South Africa, Directed by Laurence Hamburger
  • Produced and Directed 6 episodes (45 minutes) of a TV SHOW CALLED “TCHEK IT OUT” for Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade
  • Shot and edited 7 commercials for Vodacom Mozambique
  • Shot a commercial about HIV-AIDS awareness with Graça Machel and Nelson Mandela
  • For GOLO/RGB
  • Gave a 3 day course in editing on Final Cut Pro to 2 AMOCINE editors.
  • Edited 60 second commercial for URTI .For Imagem Global.Client,
  • Shot, Directed and Edited 2 music videos for Mozambican rap group AutoSquad.
  • Shot and Edited a music video for DRP
  • Edited a 6 minute video for Nestle NIDO milk,for PUBLICITA December 2003
  • Translated and Subtitled a 48 minute film "It's not Easy" for CARE INTERNATIONAL. November 2002
  • Shot and Directed a 50 second. Commercial for TIGER SHOPPING CENTRE, for GOLO/RGB Production House.Maputo, October 2002
  • Edited a 45 second Commercial for GATV, Ministrerio da Saude, For Imagem Global.
  • Edited a 5 minute Infomertial for African Banking Corporation , Inauguration. For Imagem Global. Maputo, August 2002
  • Edited a 30 second Commercial for Moçambique Editora, EXTRA Production Company
  • Edited a 5 minute Infomertial for BIM, Inauguration of new Telephone account system. For Imagem Global
  • Shot and Edited a 58 min. Documentary about Viana do Castelo International Music Festival in Portugal.
  • Edited a 30 second Comercial for Moçambique Editora, EXTRA Production Company,
  • 1 Assistant Director on Portuguese feature film “Preto e Branco” for CINEMATE.
  • Edited a 30 second Comercial for MIT, EXTRA Production Company,
  • 1 Assistant Camera on four 30 second comercials for GOLO/RGB Production House in Maputo and Johanesburg, South Africa, on Super 16mm
  • Shot and Edited a 17 min. video for World Vision Mozambique. Beta Cam SP
  • Shot “Angels” . 52 min. DV Cam. Final Post-Production Directed By Licinio de Azevedo, An Ebano Multimedia Production for the Ford Foundadtion
  • Shot “Radios Comunitarias”.52 min. DV Cam. Shot in Ihambane, Manica and Niassa. Currently in the editing stage of post production
  • Directed By Camilo de Sousa, An Ebano Multimedia Production for UNESCO
  • First Assistant Camera-Advertising for Johnnie Walker,(90 seconds) Personal and Life Journeis campaign on Super 16mm film for British Production company Coast House
  • Directed, edited and shot one music video for Mozambican musician “Stewart Sukuma”.
  • Directed, edited and shot one music video for Mozambican musician “Awado”.
  • Personal Assistant to Mr.Jonathan Lee- Art Director on “`ALI” , a film by Michael Mann. Columbia Pictures December 2001 Release- Febuary to June 2001
  • Directed, edited and shot one music video for Mozambican musician “Do Carmo”. On DV cam, Febuary 2001
  • Directed, edited and shot one music video for Mozambican Rock group “Rockfellers”, for the song “Todos iguais”. On DV Cam,
  • Advertisment for UNICEF- Directed by Hugh Hudson. Shot on 16mm in Maputo.PA, Translator and Driver.
  • Concert-Produced at Maputo Camping Site in which the following Mozambican bands played: Rockfellers, Kapa Dech, Ghorwane, Shunga, 340 ml, Safira José. Att.1200 people.
  • Scout-“ALI” Feature film directed by Michael Mann and shot in Maputo, Mozambique, for Columbia Pictures Inc. in March 2001 -Aug- December 2000 (Pre-Production)
  • Director, Editor and Cameraman-“LAM-Asas do Indico” 30 min. film for Mozambican Airlines (in flight).
  • Cameraman on “Petromoc” 60 seconds television spot. New emblem campaign. June 2000
  • First Assistant Director and Second Camaraman on “Desobedience” a film by Licinio Azevedo, a Ebano/Cinemate Production, 93 min. Shot April/May 2000. Ready January 2001
  • Clapper Loader-“O Gotejar da Luz” –Cinemate Production. 90 min. 35mm Arri BL 3.
  • CD cover for Sammy Lee “Polemika” album- Photography, Conception and Design (Photoshop 5)
  • CD cover for Rockfellers “Time” album- Photography, Conception and Design (Photoshop 5)
  • Directed, Shot and Edited music video for Mozambican group "Kapa Dech”. Beta SP
  • Arial Photography for DNE of roads and bridges affected by the floods-Beta SP
  • Freelance Cameraman for BBC Television, TVI Portugal and NHK Japan (total of 20 days) covering the Mozambican floods. Beta SP. Feb. 2000
  • Assistant Camara for South African television station eTv, working on two documentaries in Maputo and Gaza. Betacam SP-One week shoot.
  • Worked on Frelimo Election Campaign for Television -Cameraman, editing and some Directing.2 month campaign. 5 and 15 minute television spots. Both Presidential and Parliament
  • Shot on “A Ponte” . BetaCam SP. Directed By Licinio de Azevedo, An Ebano Multimedia Production for the Ford Foundadtion
  • Shot “O Caso Conjugal” , 29 min. BetaCam SP. Directed By Licinio de Azevedo, An Ebano Multimedia Production for Swiss Cooperation
  • Shot “Romeu, os meus instrumentos de trabalho” , 28 min. BetaCam SP. Directed By Licinio de Azevedo, An Ebano Multimedia Production for Swiss Cooperation
  • Shot “Djabula” , 48 min. BetaCam SP. Directed By Licinio de Azevedo, An Ebano Multimedia Production for Swiss Cooperation
  • Shot “Bilhete de Identidade” , 26 min. BetaCam SP. Directed By Orlando Mesquita, An Ebano Multimedia Production for Swiss Cooperation
  • Shot “A Lampada” , 26 min. BetaCam SP. Directed By Orlando Mesquita, An Ebano Multimedia Production for Swiss Cooperation
  • Shot “A Negociação” , 31 min. BetaCam SP. Directed By Orlando Mesquita, An Ebano Multimedia Production for Swiss Cooperation
  • Directed “Agenda Global” 90 minute live show on Tuesday nights, and “Desporto/Desporto” a 60 minute live show, on Wednesday afternoons for Mozambican Television. 15 episodes each
  • Directed/Cameraman on one advertisement for Golo/RGB for the shop “Lotus” 30 seconds
  • Directed one advertisement for TVM.EP for the shop “Tiger Video Shop” 30 seconds
  • Directed 6 advertisements for Mozambican “Yellow Pages”. 15 seconds each.
  • Directed three episodes of “Top Zone”, a 60 minute game show for TVM
  • Directed 2 video clips for Rock group “Rockfellers”- songs “Minha vida” and “Climbing”
  • Chief Planner of Human and Operational means, TVM.EP-Mozambican Television, February 1998 to June 1999
  • Second Assistant Director, A Tempestade da Terra, 35 mm, 120 min., Portuguese Production 1996
  • Second Assistant Camera for Cinematographer Julio Bicari, O Olhar das EstrelasSuper 16mm, 26 min.
  • Second Assistant Camara , for Cinematographer Julio Bicari on two music videos for South African Reggae Group, Harley and the Rasta Family, Super 16mm
  • Visual Survey of the Southern Mozambican distric of Matutine involving shgooting of landscape, natural resources,human settlements, wild life and marine habitats for the National Instritute of Physical Planing.
  • Directed, Edited and Produced, Mississe 35mm, 45 min., 1995
  • Assistant Editor, Have you seen Franklin Roosvelt by Jean Pierre Bekolo 35mm, 90 min., 1994
  • Assistant Director, Rape 16mm, 30 min., 1993
  • Sound Dialogue Editor, Deadline 16mm, 30 min., 1993
  • Teaching Assistant-Responsible for up keep of Optical Printer. TA in Film tech. II, Cinematography, Camera Seminar, Sound for Film & Video, Music for Film & Video
  • Columbia College Chicago, 1993 to May 1995
  • Student Aid-Sound Studio. Responsible for Reservations and Studio duties. Columbia College Chicago, Film & Video Sound Department 1993 to May 1995